Monday, February 14, 2011

Birthday Cake Stand....the hoooooorrrrrooooooor

So there's this blog that I love looking at called Bent Objects (
His sense of humor speaks to me at times.  The life of inanimate objects occurs to me often.  Although I have never seen him do this idea, it is along his line of thinking and I salute him.
This is the stuff I'm going to be using.  A couple of dollarstore bowls, birthday candles, wire, sweat, tears, and a few harsh words.

This is the cast, birthday candles and their offspring. 

So the life of a candle has only one real enemy. 
You eventually have no where left to hide! 
Unless you are smart and very, very quiet. 
Oh yet another birthday tragedy!!! 
It is reassuring to know some have escaped, or have they?

I also have been inspired by Sunni over at and her wonderful easy
cake stands.

This cake stand is just like my birthday, can't escape, no where to run, today, and just plain funny.

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