Saturday, February 12, 2011

1 plus 1 = BAM!

Ok this is sooo easy I feel bad even posting this.  Not bad enough to not post it though.
  Let's not get that confused. 
 I do apologize for not bringing to you said bathroom redo. 
 I did go to a hardware clearance sale (fill a bag for ten bucks!!!). 
 So I now have pipes and other plumbing stuff.
Ok, so on to a simple project you really could do with your eyes closed.
Simple wood frame (a dollar at Michaels) and vase filler I found at Walmart for a few bucks on clearance.
All you need is, you and some glue.  I used wood glue, because it's wood and it will hold better.
Then put glue on wood frame (small sections at a time, wood glue dries fast) and place pieces of wood on glue.  I did random but you could take the time to do a pattern.  I was going for super easy.
So here it is......TADA!! 
I haven't figured out if I wanna paint it or not.  Kinda like the natural look.
So there ya go gluing one thing to another.

I am finally working on my twisted idea for a birthday cake stand.  I'll give ya a sneak peak.
But you can't tell anyone it might ruin the surprise.
I was inspired by

Another birthday tragedy, oh the horror!!
Sometimes ya just got no where to run.
I hope to have this finished by Monday (it's my birthday).  Which is why I'm not very valentiney, kinda rebelling on that.
Until then......

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