Sunday, February 6, 2011

What is it?.......FABULOUS

Let's play a game of what is it?  It's made of wood and has a metal rod in the middle.
Any guesses?
Awwww come on, it's no fun if you don't play.......
Did ya figure it out?  How about what I'm going to turn it into.  Feeling talented?
I will give you a hint...I am using fabric and a pool noodle.  I also painted it red. 
So are you confused?  Good. welcome to my state of mind. :) heheheh I love to share.
Well it use to be one of these. 
I had hopes of organization when I bought it but the wooden things broke easily.  Then again my family is not dainty or gentle on wooden objects.  After a majority of the wooden rods had broken off.  I put it out of it's misery and broke off the rest.  It hid in shame until I found it the other day and decided to bring it back to life.  A can of red paint and some fabric and a pool noodle and BAM!  Do you see it? 
No?  Well let me make it a little more clearer.  Think teenage daughter with lots of headbands all over the floor.  Easily stepped on and broken accessories on the floor.
(Oh excuse the thread it was left over from another project.)
So without further delay introducing my new creation (drum roll please)
why yes, I did mess up on the fabric and put them in different directions (hangs head in shame)
I have just saved me a ton of money in protecting the headbands and the cost was nothing.  It was all stuff I had lying around.
I do have a confession, I still have not installed sink in downstairs bath.  I am hoping to do that this week.  Please  hold me accountable and kick my butt if I don't have pics up within a week.  Thanks <3


  1. So clever! Now, post a picture of the dealy hanging to the left of it with the necklaces hanging off of it. I want to see it!!!

  2. Oh wait...I see it on the left of this post..very clever! I love it!

  3. thanks so much anita :) I really should of posted a link to the other post but didn't want to give away the guessing game. :) hehehe