Monday, January 31, 2011

Floor accomplish!!!!

I am soooooooo thrilled with the floor!  Why you may ask?  Is it heated?...  No
  Is it travertine?
So why are you excited about a floor?
Because it no longer looks like this
No look closer...... 
Scared ya didn't I?  I know, only a teen boy would go in there and not care.
I had found some black tile at the ReStore for 5dollars.  I think there were 40 in all, but they were 8x8.
So had to figure something else out.  I took a trip to Home Depot but they had no black tile.  So I wandered over to their clearance section (another one of my favorite words cle a ra nce, see it just rolls off the tongue).  They had these wonderful cheap tiles for around 5 dollars a box.  They were a close-out and had only a few but that was more than enough for my task.  YAY I could see it in my mind.  I would rent a tile cutter be done in a day and then be able to install a sink.   So did not work out that way.  I rented a tile cutter but it was too small and didn't want to pay triple for a bigger one.  I decided I would wait and go to Home Depot again and just pay to have the pieces cut, ( I only had 6).  Yeah, HD doesn't do that any more...sigh, I turned to leave totally bummed, only to see a tile cutter big enough, for 3 dollars more than what I paid to rent the one I never got to use.  I was suffering mixed emotions.  I was happy, disappointed, hostile, and satisfied, it truly is a wonder I didn't wink out of existence with all the contradictions.
So after a few broken tile (been 18 years since I last tiled) me and my son got the floor tiled.
So without further ado..........TADA!!!! 
I almost can walk in there without the willys.  I still have to wipe it down tomorrow but was too anxious to wait to post. 
Huge difference eh?
Now I have to install this manly sophisticated sink.
Also found at HD for only 49 dollars.  Do I sound like a commercial?  Sorry just love finding great deals. 

So hopefully I will have another post real soon!