Saturday, January 22, 2011

Nothing pretty here........yet

My house is not a mansion, nor is it new or quaint.  Actually I think it was a meth lab at one time.  But it is my house and it is being changed little by little.  Kinda like me :)  I love taking things people have thrown away and giving it new life.  So I am hoping to do that with these few things.
First up is the downstairs bathroom.  It is small and dark and basically ugly.  It is also my son's room bathroom.  It's missing a few things, like a sink, some lights, a descent floor and a door.
It also has a small shower, it use to be a cedar shower but was too creepy to use.
I ripped out the wood but haven't gotten any further.  It seems behind the wood was more wood O.o huh?
Did I tell you it was a rental for a long time?  A lot of bad renovations. 
This is the shower part, yeah, pretty hideous.  This is where I really wish I had money for a plumber to come in and just make it fabulous. 
My other "not pretty" secret.
My mantle......they took the easiest way to make it.  It is a 4x8 slab cover in boring tile.  With a 4 inch mantle on top.  Can't do much with 4 inches.  
Oh on top of it, the tile is cheap and breaks easily, so now I have lots of broken ugliness. 
My hope is to tile, the bathroom, and paint and add a  a sink as well as lighting and re tile the shower.  I know I can't afford the plumbing but I can make it look a lot better.
The mantle I want to rip out and put up stone covered columns and put a big chunky piece of wood on it.  Then re tile the outside border with small glass tile..  It's so pretty in my head.  I will try to find something similar.  But right now I'm looking for a couch and it's gonna be from Craigslist so I don't know what it's gonna look like yet.  I have an idea but I am flexible.
So that's what I'm working on and it may take a bit.  Will post pics when accomplished.

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