Monday, January 17, 2011

Chandi Redoux part two

So I gave up trying to find the light kit and went to Home Depot and bought some wire and a switch.  I already had the chain so didn't really need a kit.  They had a gold cord so I figured "why not?" and just go all out.  Although they did not have a gold switch but I can fake that.
So first things first, thread wire though chain BEFORE you feed wire into chandi.  Learned this one the hard way a few lights back.  So always thread the chain before you begin. 
Start at the bottom and go in and out of each link. 
After you have completed that you will end up needing to insert through the hoop into fixture. 
Take off the lid and continue wire through lid and into nut. 
Pull wire through extra so you can knot the two wires.  It will keep it from unthreading. Wrap each wire (there are two) with other wires.  One with the black and one with the white.  Twist wires together and hold together with electric tape.
Using wire nuts, twist them on the wires until they are tight and secure.  Then tuck wires back into fixture. 
Put lid back on and tighten screw top.  There you have just re-wired a light fixture.  Pretty easy huh?
So I added the fake crystals and it just didn't seem like it was done.  So you know what that means....that's right. 
To Be Continued.......

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