Saturday, January 8, 2011

I saw it and painted it RED

Years ago I was at a garage sale and bought up a bunch of older frames of varying size.  They have hung around my house until I started this blog.  Now I am always finding ideas to utilize them.
This one has a 15" x 30" opening.
So I spray painted it red and found this awesome black and white fabric I found at Wal-Mart for 2 dollars a yard.  (can you say whoo to the hoo?)

Doesn't that look fabulous?
I am soooooo loving the look.
I wish it was a chair. 
Oh, I haven't told you what I am making, have I?  So sorry got so excited that I remembered to take a before shot.  Ok I am making a necklace holder thingy for my daughter's Paris themed room.
So I cut a piece of foam core and covered it in the fabric of awshumness and held it fast with duct tape.
I then stapled  it to the frame and screwed some cup hooks to the front.  Now since I was too lazy to use wood, I had to come up with a way to secure the hooks.  So I braved my evil hot glue gun and put a generous amount on the pointy end of the hooks.  Let cool and voila' you got a cool looking organized.......

As I examined my handy work I saw that the staples came through a little.  No worries I just simple hot glued on some red beads I had left over from a Christmas project.  

I think it came out pretty awesome!!  I love it and had a hard time giving it to my daughter.

Yes truly a masterpiece or reuse.  The total cost of project was the fabric, everything else I had lying around.
So yay for garage sales, and inspiration. :)

See the beads, it made it even better.
YAY! for mistakes to get you to reinvent your original idea.


  1. Gorgeous! Old frames are great to give new life to and you definately did a great job on this one!

  2. Thank you :) you're words are too kind.