Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pinterest to Reality

Like everyone else I stare at amazing things on pinterest a lot more than I do them.
But thanks to Goodwill I have launched into actually doing one of them
(Insert giant smile here)
This is my want to do list
See the adorable beach cover up?
Well the brown one has the actual tutorial.
click HERE for it.
It only took me about 15 mins to make and a little hand stitching.

Like I said I was at Goodwill and found some t-shirt material, almost 3yd for only 3 bucks.
After looking at myself trying to wear this, I decided it would be better on my daughter. 
Getting her to model it, well, that took a couple of days. 
I'm gonna say modeling is not in her future. 
Think she's ok with that and so am I  :D

She does make me laugh and she really did like the cover up. 
It was super easy to make and if I find material without the horizontal lines....
I just might make one for myself. 
Oh and looky what I found on Craigslist....guess how much? 
com 'ere
I know right?  sigh, feel like I won something.
I'll blog again when it's finished.


  1. I just love this. I wonder how they look on fat chicks? Whaddya think?

  2. That's on my to do list too! And Bambi, you ROCKED it, as did your lovely model.