Thursday, April 5, 2012

Apath, apotho, coffee table find and redo

First off, my leg is on the mend!!  whoop whoop
So being able to, I went hunting for a better proportioned coffee table.
I searched in all the places, I thought I would find one, but I didn't find one to even try to like.
A whole lot of end tables, though.
I was leaving the last store and heading home, tired, disappointed, cofffe tableless.
coffeeless, hmmm
I really needed some coffee and I didn't know of any, in that part of town.
So I took a side trip and stopped at another store I had given up on months ago.
I figured what the hey, I had a nickel for parking and it gave me exactly 5 mins to look.
Then, giving up I spied this little gem for 15 dollars!!!
I think I literarly jumped for joy, and squealed a little.
I ran to the cash register and told them I would love to purchase the coffee table and I only had 2 mins left to do it.  They told me to pull into the building and they would load me up.
That was when I did the happy dance, to their amusement.
It's not often I can out hyper a 16 year old, but I did at that moment.
So here it is
What do you think?
It's solid wood and a little flaky but I see visions for it. 
Kinda like this. 
Thinking it looks a lot better than the previous one, that was longer than my couch. 
I switched out the knobs,and did a paint treatment to fake the metal look on the drawers.
Although I am not completely done (end of feet still not painted) 
I am pleased with it and now need to seal the top and maybe pin-stripe around the drawers.
Maybe put a stencil on top before I seal it.....hmmmmm
oh the paint color is a darker gray than seen, can't ever get these photos real to color.

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  1. First, I'm happy to hear your leg is mending, 'bout time eh! (sorry, that was very Canadian of me)lol

    Well who wouldn't hyper ventilate at finding that baby?! Seriously great find and it looks fantastic in your room with that sofa!

    My photos never come out right either; too dark or too blurry or crooked or something. One suggestion I have for you is to make the main column bigger so you can have bigger photos. I clicked on your photo and the room looks a bazillion times better when we can really see it.

    Happy Easter.