Saturday, July 31, 2010

Finally!! I have finished the orange thingy!

with stuff
Ok so I found this large ornate frame in the dumpster behind our thrift store. Part of it had been chipped but that was all I could see. I think it's made of plaster and wood. So I painted it orange with ideas of putting some kind of art in it. It didn't happen. After moving my desk to make room for the awesome trunk I found. It dawned on me to use it to organize my area in hopes of it not being a dumping ground.  Stapled some chicken wire I found in the garage and voila'
instant organizer!  I then glued some paper on some clothes pins and now I can see my projects and inspiration.
Plus it cost me NOTHING.
~hint! the lollipop is an up coming project


  1. So cute....ummmm...that chandelier...makes me drooool!! I love the organizer & when its free its so much better :)

  2. thanks Moe, :D free is one of my most favorite things ever!

  3. I must now fina a large, ornate picture frame and colorful spray paint!! OR maybe I need TEN!!

  4. TEN!!! I will gladly help you look :)

  5. Love the pop of color -- nice color and great finished project!