Monday, July 12, 2010

Getting prettier by the day

The weather has been sooooo beautiful lately I can't stop creating things. So I am going blog wild!! hahahha

A few weeks ago I found some round vases for fifty cents a piece. Loved the shape, not so much the color. Felt really dated. So I crocheted around them with some giant hooks and bright green yarn. Much better, at least I think so. Add a little bit of flowers from the garden and bam instant pretty.

Still making my cheap deck pretty.

Hung up the dollar store lanterns in the tree (check out my older posts for tutorial) for more color.
I also have redone another old file cabinet with a different purpose this time. That post will be coming soon. The round orb in the bottom of the picture is light globe I found at the ReStore for a few dollars. It reminds me of a giant bubble. I wish I could find more.
Well have a great day and happy creating.

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