Thursday, July 28, 2011

Finial-ly something really easy

Not sure if you have ever seen these giant finials.  That are way beyond my price range and even if they weren't I still wouldn't pay that much.
Maybe I'm a reverse snob...sorry to all you wealthy people out there.
So anyway I was wandering in my local thrift store and came across this lamp but they wanted 10 dollars for it.  Still too much, that is until it went on sale for half off.  5 dollars?  I was on it, 
While standing in line (which wasn't easy, as this lamp with shade is almost tall as me) the lady in front
of me asked what I was going to do with that.  I knew she thought it was hideous, the expression on her face said so.  I smiled at her because I knew I had a diamond in the rough.  And told her I was going to tear it apart and make something else. 
See it?
I love that is has a solid wood base and the top is ceramic.

Well look at it now............
I wake up every morning with this loveliness before me.
Thanks to 5 dollars, some heavy duty glue and white paint.
Nothing like a happy ending.


  1. Good eye! I love it now but I would have agreed with that lady in line.

  2. I would have never thought of that. I have a party every Monday. I would love for you to stop by and link up your project and any other projects you would like to share.

  3. Good job! I love it! You might want to check my blog out... I think you would like it!

  4. Love it. You are definitely a fellow Reuser!!!