Sunday, July 10, 2011

Another Goodwill Treasure Hunting Find

Ok, so ever since Sunni over at Life in Rehab shared her amazing ideas and tools with me.
By tools I mean "Goop" and I do not mean the stuff you clean your hands with.
I say that because when I went looking for it, that is what my friendly Walmart worker lead me to.
I finally found it at Homedepot.  Since then I have been searching for things to glue to things.
This hurricane style vase with the giant G was only 1.29......It did not matter it had a giant G on it or it had a slight chip on the edge.  I knew I was going to glue things on it.  Muwaaauhahahahahaha  I had gone glue crazy O.o 
Finding this discarded broken necklace was the beginning.  I removed fake jewels and glued them to the rim. 
Then  went back to Walmart and bought some vase filler that went with fake jewels.
Then I let the glue fly!!!!
Can I get a
And a thank you Sunni (go to her blog and see things first and then check back and see if I stole any of her ideas :D lol) 
Can't even see the giant G any more.
Mark it off as a win! 
I'm still thinking about putting some glitter on there, or maybe fill it with black sand with an awesome white candle.  Or maybe fill it with brighly colored candy, or chocolate......(drool chocolate)  Ok, maybe not something I will want to eat.

I don't always steal other peoples ideas.  Sometimes I am inspired to make something original.
It's usually not fabulous or something I can teach.  Half the time I'm not sure how I did it.
With the weather warming up, we've been leaving the door open to let in a breeze.
Hence unwanted visitors......take a guess what that is. 
Maybe if we look like them they will obey us and leave..... 
(please know I an not talking about teenagers but insects)
Or maybe not.


  1. Bambi,
    This was a such a great idea. Goodwill always has a million and one glasses. Now I see them in a totally different light.


  2. Thanks Paula :) hope you take it a step further and out do me. If you do please let me know so I can gush.

  3. Look at that bling!! So cute.