Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer is finally here!!

It's been raining up here, until this week that is.  It has been HOT!! like in the 80's.  Ok for all of you who do not live in the Pacific Northwest and are now throwing things at your screen.  For us that is hot.  So I've been trying to stay in the shade and have been piddling around the yard.

Remember the wall my son built upon my instructions that looked very much like a pallet?
No? ....well look below
Kinda lacked something.
Wasn't sure what but foraging I found some paint and wood and altered a few things.
Whatcha think?
Is it too much?
I'm not good at subtle.... 
The cost was free, just stuff around the house.
There is a hippo underneath, think it needs some color too. 
Over by the pond needs some work.  A couple of painted flamingos are there to distract you. 
Dug out my bistro set, looks like it needs paint too.

So it looks like painting is on my agenda but not before I build a roof for my patio.
Where's my cape........


  1. I didn't throw anything at my screen, but only because it's MY screen. But do make me feel better by telling me how many days you have below 0 in winter. ;)

  2. Uhhhmmm,...... none (hides quickly behind screen)

  3. Don't change a thing. It's fun and fresh and I bet it's totally you, otherwise you wouldn't have put it together.

    Hot and muggy here too.

  4. It all looks so bright and fun Bambi. Love those flamingo's. I wish I had a pond just to put them around. I love yard art and have so little of it.

  5. Dark flamingo is kinda grey (gray?)..she needs to be pink! and hippos should always be purple, right? love it!

  6. Thank you Pam and Anita :D The flamingo's were all once pink, I liberated them. I'm thinking about making one plaid and purple hippo sounds like a possibility.

  7. Good job. It looks so nice and inviting!