Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Grey and Yellow Patio Completed!!!!

Hooooooraaaah!  I have finished!!!
Let's reflect on what I started with, shall we?
Nothing much.  That's what I started with. 
I found the bench for 5 and rug for 3.  I had yellow and grey in my mind for colors.
I did a couple of simple builds with the help of my son (the wall) and my husband (the roof)
This is the wall before turning grey and other things being attack with bright colors. 
This is the roof.  I came up with the idea of simple 2x4 panels resting on the garage roof and a cleat on the house and secured, with an added plastic corrugated roof panel.   
Easy assembly, and to protect the roof I put a pool noodle around the wood. 
Yeah we forgot to take off the strips but at this point I'm just tickled to not be rained on.
So I then went about adding stuff and accents and art.
I'll give ya the total at the end. 
Art 7.50
Tables   5.99 
Rugs  19.00
Pillows  3.00 
bamboo shades 6.00 
roof  80.00 
Wall 10.00 
numbers 3.00 
Random stuff put on 
giant spoon painted with chalkboard paint....99 cents 
Awesome ice buckt 1.00
Punch server 6.00 
Bar made from found wood and 3.00 worth of tile. 
Never did find a new to me bbq so free.
I did change my file cabinet planter. 
The bowling ball dove off and crushed my bunneh.
So I switch it out a little bit. 
I still haven't fully secured the ball yet.  Never know when I might need to bowl something over... Hhahaha?

So there it is new and improved patio. 
Ready for the rest of the summer and maybe a little of fall. 
It really makes me want to paint my house.

Oh well, punch anyone? 
Or maybe watermelon martinis?
Oh the total cost of this redo is around 150 dollars.  I think it was well worth it, what do you think?


  1. It looks good. How did you attach the clear panels to the wood?

  2. Holy crap Bambi, it's a phenomenal update! You really put some thought into making the space functional with a whole lot of style. The colour scheme is soothing with pops of pow! I could certainly go for the watermelon martini ;)

  3. Hi Bambi.
    Looks amazing!
    Ever think about trying out for the Next Design Star?

  4. Thanks everyone :)
    I would try out but I'm not a professional nor do I play one on tv. lol

  5. I love it!
    have a great day you!