Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lacking illumination is not always bad

Hey, look I found another free chandelier.
Pretty ugly eh?  Then again if it was pretty it wouldn't of been abandoned.
So what do you think it will become?  I've done 3 chandeliers, black and white, gold french, and green daisy (outside).  I have no need for another one at this moment.
But I have seen a few different ideas out there in blogland and think I'm going to try something I've seen modified.  Follow along, it's seems kinda simple.
Start with chandelier and remove all the wires.  You'll need wire cutters and a wrench. 
Just take the parts off and undo everything you find.
I unscrewed the light cups to pull the wires out. 
Then I realized I could unscrew the little bottom finials instead.
Oh well 
So ya got rid of all the wires, now what?
Put it all back together.  I did leave the little bottom finials off. 
Then bring it outside and give it a coat of primer.
Have a clue yet what's it gonna be? 
How about now?  It's a multiply server!
I found this vintage dishes for a quarter a piece.
I was going to keep it white but then I found this color spray paint. 
Looooove the blue, sigh, it's soooo pretty. 
The ones I saw in blogland were permanent with holes and stuff.  I didn't want to do that and the cups were big enough to be stable and a quick add on for the top.  (It's the brass plate thingy that mounts to the ceiling) 
Now I can add a bigger plate and it will be stable plus I can take them off to be washed. 
The best part about it is, I can also store it easier without breaking the plates with the added benefit of switching out dishes. 
Or throw a bowl on the top instead. 
I suppose I could put a teapot on top with teacups and saucers on there as well.
That might be really cute!..... maybe I should do another one and have a tea party.
All in all this cost about 1.50 for the plates and 3 dollars for spray paint.
Plus, if I still wanted to I could put tea lights in there as well, just have to trade out top for painted finial.
Yep, I like it!!!!... now to find an excuse to use it :)
Tea party anyone?


  1. This a a GREAT & AWESOME idea! I really love it!

    Haven't seen anything like that anywhere and I think this sure will be a future project of mine...
    Thanks so much for sharing it!

  2. Awww :3 thank you so much. If you make one can you let me know? I would love to share it on here.