Wednesday, July 6, 2011

yeah, I have a thing for lights

Sorry, this post has no amazing crafting ability.  Just amazing bargain deal.
This, sad to say, is my dining room light.  It hovers about 2 feet away from the center of my table.  If I had nothing but the table in there it probably would be centered.  I do not, I have a big ole shelf and my desk.  So the location of ugly, dated light fixture is prime real estate for head bonking.
Just tall people though, which maybe why it's taken me so long to take care of the problem, I'm not tall.
I did make attempts at incorporating it with curtains. 
I still hate it.....
Paying over a hundred dollars for another fixture, I hated even more.

Then low and behold!!!  I went to Lowes' and found this!!! 
Know what's even better than that price?

This one!!!! 
So now I don't even care if it looks great.  I am gleefully skipping down the isle with it balanced on my head.
Until someone saw me and gave me cart.  Probably thought I was off my meds.  Too bad I don't take any bwauhahahhahahhaaha 
I can do jumping jacks in there now.  Not that I would or would want to but I could.
I also got to teach a different teenager how to change out light fixtures.
Yes, I am training the next generation to not be stuck with ugly lights. 
My living room and dinning are one room so it was great to see it goes with my ceiling fan.
Even if ceiling fans are a decorating faux pas I don't care.  They save me from being extremely cranky on days like today.  Which is worth more than being fabulous!!

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