Friday, July 15, 2011

rainy days and coat hangers

So it's been raining for the past few days and I've been feeling a little stiff and sore in knuckle areas.
Yet I am bored out of my mind and have to do something.  With the help of my lovely daughter and my feet we will create.
No More Wire Hangers!!!!
No actually that is exactly what we need.  I only have little sticks so we are using little hangers.
Grab one, stick one's foot in it and pull.  It will resemble a petal.  Work it around the cheap hangers are the best because they move easily. 
Now these little things are knee-hi's.  Find the colors you like but I would avoid flesh tones, not just flowery enough.  Did I tell you I'm making a flower?  No? oh.....I'm making a flower.

There will be duck tape! 
And some wire.  It's just easier to show you. 
These are my rods, stick, thingies.  There were once part of a pants hanger that I converted into a headband holder.  headband holder thingy 

Check out this duck tape flower it's veyr similar to this flower.
So you stretch the knee-hi over wire petal and hold it fast with piece of wire.  Then bend and shape it until you like the looks of it.  Take duck tape and tape straight piece of coat hanger to dowel, stick, rod thing.  One petal at a time.  Then cover stick with green tape. Find a ball or other fake flower and glue in center of nylon petals. 
Now you have flower fit for twirling.  Make a few more for a bouquet.

I decided to experiment using the same technique. 
Can ya guess?
I used a light green nylon and then sprayed dye on the edges and dried with blow dryer. 
I glue another ball on top but covered it in black duck tape.
 I then realized dragonflies do not have antennae. 
So I ripped them off and put them on the wings instead.  I held it there with a little embroidery floss. 
a couple sequins for the eyes 
Added some more wire just for added interest.  As I was wrapping wire around wire I had a flashback to when my mother use to bring home telephone wire from work.  She was one of the telephone operators that would plug away at the giant board until computers came along.
So anyway I remember making all sorts of things out of that colorful wire.  Wish I had some now.
Anyone else remember that wire?
So there ya go, something to do with coat hangers and knee-hi's.
Who knew?
These would really make some great party decorations.
I already had all this stuff at the house but to make them I would guess...3 dollars?

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  1. So cute! I don't think I've ever seen pink knee high hose before. But then, I haven't bought it in a really long time either. I love the way you highlighted the wings with a little spray paint.