Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lost in my mind

I have a major confession.
The below pictures are real.
They have not been photoshopped.
This is really my art center.
Actually this is my art center after I cleaned a spot.
This is literally my brain.  Stuff I see I want to remake.  Stuff I can't throw away because it is needed for something I can't remember.
Having switched to wood heat because gas heat is outrageous, has now left my craft center cold and cluttered.
It may have something to do with the cement floor sucking the life out of you through your feet. 
It could be the spiders looking down on you from the rafters.
It could just be life is so busy to remember this forgotten area of my house.
So I had an idea and inspiration.
Idea: actually use this instead of dining room.
Le sigh*  I do sooooo wish I could make it look like that.
But I don't have that kind of budget so it's off to the dollar store, (I will show you that later) and using what I have.
One of the things I have is this divider given to my by my sister.  This is the other half of the downstairs rec room area.  Nobody uses it because it's cold as well.  So it will become my husband's storage area for music equipment and softball equipment. That will make me happy to have it in one place instead of many. 
So I have a pretty big task ahead and will be gone for a bit.
This is what I have started, a easy build desk out of a core door and file cabinet drawers. 
I was going to paint everything white but got to impatient and covered it in white paper and then sealed it with plastic and yellow duct tape.   Cost?  ZERO, it's stuff I had in my scary pile.

OH, I almost forgot...UPDATE on KIKI 
This was Kiki after the vets, he couldn't stand and had to use the couch and stood like a tripod.  I had no hope for him.  It was soooo sad and many people were praying.  There were many things going on that we had been praying about.  One of our friends had been diagnosed with cancer that went from 1 to 3 in a day.
Yet this I know.....God is good. 
Kiki is healed!!!!  In  a week from being kicked, his breast plate turned back in and he was able to not only walk but leap as well.
Also our dear friend has also healed as their cancer is back to level one and has not spread!!
So amazing Jesus healing pets and people I love TAAAAA-DAAA!

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  1. That's wonderful news about Kiki! Tell him to knock off the jumping for awhile though. ;)

    PTL that your friend's cancer is down to level one too.

    Your art center looks like my garage craft space, except I can't get to my craft space right now.