Thursday, September 29, 2011

crank up the jams!

So, still working on my art center.  Finished making my ruffle skirt for the desk, (it was a fail) and I even got to use the desk last week.  But what I sat in was a fold-up chair from the 40's.  It's funny the more cushion I have the more I need.  Think about it, if you're my age and slightly fluffy, it will all make sense.
I went looking for a chair, with cushion, and wheels.  I searched the thrift stores, with much sadness, I could only find the cheapest one to be 15 dollars.  That just does not sound cheap to me.  Then I went to Wal-Mart and what did I find?  This sweet little chair for (drum roll please) 8 dollars!  taaaa-daaaaa!
I liked it :)  I was not in love with it, but that is ok as it is only a chair.
Like most things I drag home it was not safe from being tampered with.  I thought of finding a cool tutorial for recovering with some awesome fabric.  Then I realize I only have a week left until my mother moves in.
So speedy was the word of the day.  So what is used often for a quick fix?  No, I did not use duck tape. I went on to the next one.  I pulled out my paint!  Then I funked it up, while jamming out. 
BAM! just like that.
I have seen many posts on painting fabric chairs and stuff.  And yes they are so much more dignified but this is MY art center and I like things a little different.  I'm suppose to be inspired down there not restful. 
I even did a little chevron just to appease the masses.
So be appeased (shaking fist in the air) hahahhaah sorry, sometimes I just have to amuse myself. 
I took it for a test drive and it handles nicely.
Ok time to get off here and bust a few moves.  I have lots to do.
I be back soon with the redo.
Didn't know I was a poet, did ya?


  1. I love it! I've just been looking at my old office chair wondering what I can do to spruce it up. It's black vinyl though.

  2. I have that same chair - except yours looks AMAZING! Totally appeased ;)

  3. thank you so much ladies :) your words are too kind and I sure do love hearing them. hahaha