Sunday, September 18, 2011

Progress is happening!!

So this was my art center, yes it is horrible.  Which is why I have been hiding from it for over a year.
That thing on the back wall?  It is my painting canvas plastic.  I would pin canvas on it and prime it and create.  It was helpful when my daughter was younger and would paint with me.
Then my husband bought me a real easel and already primed and ready to go canvas.
Ok drifting from the point there.
Cluttery mess, that is my point.
This is the same wall.
Believe it or not it really is!!!!  And I only spent 3 dollars on the wall. 
Don't cha love it?  I do :)
*whispers* come here I'll tell ya what I did.
It's poster board from the dollar store and wrapping paper.
Pay no attention to the floor I will have that covered.  hahhahaha bad pun 
The bench is a coffee table I found for 10 dollars and re-painted.
I still need to find cuter things to put under it. 
Those are not doors on the shelves (they're canvas) but is where I am going to put doors.
The screen is my fake wall.  This is one side. 
So as my daughter was helping clean out and get rid of lots of stuff.  She was not wanting to let go of our po'dunk easel.  She still remembered painting on it.  So we decided to make it into art.
The screen is helpful but a little flimsy so we beefed it up and made it.....uhm different.
The cost was nothing but the memories will live on 
I had some left over flooring from my son's room.  The wall is stronger and now it makes a statement.
What it's saying is in the eye of the beholder.

Got a lot done getting it thinned out and still need to make a few things but with help I should have it done soon.  My mom is also going to be moving in soon so it is motive to get this house back in order.

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  1. What a difference! I bet it feels wonderful to get it done and know that you will have a space to create again!
    It was a fantastic idea to keep your old easel. What memories it holds.