Saturday, September 24, 2011

the cheap, the colorful and the mundane

Well summer is over and I am left with two abandoned pool noodles.
No we don't swim with them up here.  Swimming is an indoor sport in the Pacific Northwest.
These were left over from doing the roof span in my grey and yellow patio.
Naturally I have been on Pinterest for days on end and have found this genius idea. 
Add tape, a little struggle and viola', instant wreath.
Ok the beginning of a wreath.  Or a really big circle.
I went with wreath.
I made two, both of them for two friends of mine. 
One likes simple and earth tones with green.

And the other loves bright colors. 
I hope they like them.
But ssssshhhh, sometimes they read this blog so don't tell 'em.
I have a functioning desk in my  craft room now.  It is perfect timing!!!
As it is football season and I no longer have to sit and watch instant replay.
I can create pretty things for my friends.....YAY!

Now on to a dilemma.
Or just a mundane wall.
I've recently changed the art on my wall and it has left the wall color kinda,...well BLAH. 
The empty space is for my daughter's pic when they come in.

The painting I did a few years ago.
Was inspired by a trip to Portland and some amazing artists there. 
The guitar had a broken neck and my husband was going to throw it out.  So I rescued it and made it a real "guitar hero". 
What drives me nuts is the wall color is so blah my furniture is blending in.
The chair is a wassily chair and it's grey.  The couch is actually a sagey green but looks grey int he pic. 
My carpet is blah but can't do much with that.
I have dark brown roman shades and gauzy brown curtains.
Also dark brown wood accents.
Now can anyone give me some ideas about what color to paint my walls so they aren't so mundane?
Pretty please?


  1. Those wreaths are both so pretty. Your friends are going to love them.

    I agree that the wall colour looks a little washed out. A gray/blue that is really soft and subtle would work well in your space (I think, can't see the entire space). It will provide a little contrast to all of the green/gray/tan you have going on.

    That's just my two cents. I think the painting will really pop.

  2. That is what I was thinking Mel!!!
    I will gladly take all advice. As I need it!!!