Thursday, October 6, 2011

Craft Center Finale a.k.a Amazing Transformation!!

Whew! I am finished!!!!
So lets take a glimpse of what I had going on and what I had to work with.
Exposed rafters with creepy spiders, dead and alive.  Big ole pile of stuff.
It was like wandering around in my mind.  Scary stuff!! 
Although in my mind all of this makes sense.  Really it does.

So my first attempt was clearing out a spot and faking a desk.
Core door on a pair of filing cabinet drawers.  Cost? nothing but freeing up space in my garage.  It was a win win kinda thing. 
Ok so that is what it was.  For many years that's what it was.  I am not very good at organization unless I have a giant plan.  Hence my giant plan reveal!!  Muahahahahah feels like thunder should clash right now.
Ok enough of my meanderings on the the transformation.
HUGE DRUM ROLL..........

This is my 3 dollar wall transformation which consist of dollar store black card stock and left over Christmas wrapping paper.  Coffee table turned bench 10 dollars.
As you can see to the right my shelving was still pretty crappy. 
Luckily I already had a bunch of fabric and a few 2x4's 
The cheap fix for the exposed creepy rafters was dollar store foam board and staple gun.
The rug was 11 dollars, so I got two. 

Dollar store hamper bins for my long stuff.
And all my paint and glue on the shelves plus other stuff.
Oh, also I did no painting what so ever.
It's all dollar tree poster board.  I'm kinda excited about that. 
hey look more pictures :) 

Still more pictures... 

Oh, back to the desk area. 
I can see all my stuff that I need, when I need it.
It's not as pretty as my inspiration but it sure is prettier than it was. 
Although my ruffle is a fail, I'm too dang lazy to fix it.
The painting on the left, my husband painted (first ever) me as a flower and I painted him as well. Yes, he is a bee of course. After the painting was finished he made me play his drums. 
This is an old chip rack I found a while back.  I like it, it holds stuff. 
This fun looking cup is hand painted by me and designed by my daughter. 
This painting of the green apple was done by my son when he was 10.  He doesn't paint any more.  But I have this :) and it makes me happy. 
So, that is my art center!  Thank you for coming on the tour.  I hope you liked it, because I love it!!
You will now find me hiding down there quite often.
I think the cost total for all of it was 40 dollars.
Maybe 50, it's just easier to work with what you got and what people throw away.


  1. Impressive! See how much you can get done when we don't talk for a couple days :P

  2. It's a magical space that has you stamped all over it.

    I admire your creativity; you come up with such fantastic "out of the box" ideas and make them work!

    Happy creating, my friend!

  3. Hah! Your 'before' picture looks like my 'now' picture! Great job!