Saturday, December 17, 2011

Almost Fabulous

I have achieved almost Fabulous. Kinda, ok, how about better and working on it

This was my fireplace/stove .  Yeah not much to look at, mantle too small and the whole thing just way too big.  I think the people who put this in were just too lazy to cut the backer board.  It's 4x8 and takes up way to much of my living room.
Plus they used thin tile so they broke easily and I'm gonna assume dropping wood on it did not help the state it got to. 
So I said to myself, "self how can this be fixed?"
Glass mosaic tile!
I looked around for quite a while trying to find something affordable.
I finally found this tile at  It was only 2.34 a square foot and shipping was extremely affordable.  I also got some dark grey/black for a border. 
I also decided to reduce the size and increase the mantle.
I love the before and after the grout :) 
See how shiny it is!!!  Shiiiiiiny
So I still need to cut the backer board and tile the border but this thing called Christmas is upon us sooo I have to put on hold until after. 
Leaving it in this state would not go well with the Grinch theme party that is coming up.
I dug out a few things and used other things to give the illusion of a mantle and completion. 
Do you like how I used a couple old tiles for the top of the stove?
Giant stockings help to hide future columns for chunky mantle.
I will post more but not for a while since I will be busy getting ready for all the festivities.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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