Tuesday, December 27, 2011

This is my year in Review

This is actually a new concept for me.  I was inspired by a fellow blogger friend (you know who you are).   When she put all of her stuff in one blog it really blew me away how awesome she was.
Here go check her out Junkin Junky you will not be disappointed.

So talking to myself, self had a pretty good idea to do something similar.
My is still a little apprehensive.
Ok, look at my attempt first and then click on Mel's link.  That way you won't be so disappointed with my lame attempt.  I'm not dogging myself, just being honest.
I lack finesse.
So I decided to choose one project from each month and then throw a link out there if you wanna argue with me.  I'll let ya :)

January brought craft items for my daughter to organize her stuff, a rewired chandelier made to look French for one of her friends, and tiling my son's bathroom. Jan 2011 stuff
This is what I chose to showcase.  (I feel like I should have an envelope)
(Play award music here)
I really did enjoy this project, it came from an old free dated light fixture and it's makeover was exciting.

Next up is February Feb stuff
It was a short month and there were only 3 posts.  A little harder to choose, would it be the cake stand, the frame or more organizing objects?
I went with organizing.  Plus I got to slip in the previous months object as well.
This is a headband holder and the upper left is matching necklace holder.
I like it because it is an original and the only one I've seen like this.

March is blowing in with lots of ideas and inspiration.  March Madness is full of beginnings.
The bedroom inspiration from brown and down to up and green. a trip to Seattle. odd findings which helped to find more things.  Winning a rug, installing a fan, and finding one of the most bargaining finds ever.  I chose (envelope please)
Flashback Find
The Woodland Trio made a comeback.

April brought many more posts.  A frenzy of activity as I finished up my bedroom.
From the giant owl, to quick change mirror and faking reupholstering a wing back.  I really loved that chair and I loved the price even more (under 20 for the whole thing) but ultimately I had to pick
The whole shebang!  The bedroom was such an amazing transformation.
I still love it and am still blown away with how dark and brown it was before.

May was not to be out done.  With my new found excitement of planning things first.  I tackled the butt ugly patio cement slab thingy.  Which led to many posts but this was my favorite.
It even got featured on Better After.  Le Sigh

June was filled with more of May and another trip to Seattle.
A friend gave me some awesome vintage chairs and that is what I chose for June.
So how about a nice round of applause for June
It just feels like summer, doesn't it?  Besides I won the sewing battle with this project.

July was just fun, fly hats, finials, flowers and finished projects.  It was flipping fabulous!
The patio was FINISHED!

On to August,..... August was not fun.  It was short and nothing fun at all. From destroying my back yard, cutting down giant primitive shrubs, and Kiki being injured and a friend of mine being diagnosed with cancer stage 3.  I just chose this pic
because no matter what life goes on and I am not in control.

September came and made up for August.  It was full of new beginnings and changes.
There were healings (Kiki and my friend) another plan to bring order to chaos and finding things and giving them new life.  I chose new life.
I actually gave this to someone who helped a teen friend as a thank you.

October brought much satisfaction with my art center complete.  I was able to craft again!!
So much more crafting going on than previous months.  I just had to choose the amazing transformation!
You really have to see the before pictures to appreciate the amazingness this picture is.

November came quickly and was filled with preparation for the holidays and a Good Will Hunting find.  Which of course won out.  I just love a good transformation.
I think I might of amazed myself on this one.  It's almost classy.

December really is the one to remember.  The grinch theme was so much fun preparing for and the new plan forming in my head for my living room exploded one day, into a wood accent wall.
So hard to choose on this one so I mixed up two.  Grinchy decorations on the accent wall.
Well, that was my year in review.  Hope you enjoyed the show, don't forget to comment and discuss this new addition.  Exits are on the left.  Have a great day and a very happy New Year.



  1. oh my gosh, you're so funny!

    A lot of your projects are one's that I had completely forgotten about. You sure did get through a lot last year.
    I love your spirit; you take a frown and turn it upside down. You take stuff that others don't see potential in, and make it fantastic. What I like most of all is the friendship that you have shown to me this past year. For that I am grateful and hope that this year is a year of fab projects, happiness and love, for you and yours.

  2. great projects! your feburary organizing projects gave me lots of ideas for my daughter's bedroom-she could definitely use some of those. love your patio redo-so cold here now, nice to think of sitting out in the warm weather! happy new year! here from tatertots and jello!

  3. This looks amazing-I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!