Thursday, January 12, 2012

Crafting has indeed Occurred

It has occurred!!
I messed up my knee a week ago, not even sure how.  But I have a tendency to yell when it bends.
So here I sit, web surfing and being board.  Watching stupid movies.
That is until I convince two lovely young ladies to gather some crafting supplies for me.
They did and I was able to do something useful!
Being useful again TAAA-DAAAAA!
I found these little canvases for 15 cents a piece and the glittered fairies at Wal-Mart for under 5 dollars for a dozen of them.  The leaves and flowers I had hanging around in my stuff. 
The knobs are from Ikea, 50 cents for six of them. 
The pink duck tape is just because I love duck tape. :)
I also believe the duck tape brings a certain reinforcement to the structure that surpasses most.
I made these for my niece and her soon to be born daughter. 
She is going for fairies as a decorating style.
I'm also hoping to make and finish a mobile as well.

Ok, so hopefully I have found a solution for my fabric problem. 
I figured out why this didn't work, country.

This one has the wrong colors. 

This one has possibilities but is too close to the wall color. 

This one I still love, but refuse to pay more for the fabric than I paid for the chair.
Over 30 dollars a yard is too rich for my blood. 

This is my solution!!
At 14 dollars a yard and free shipping, how could I pass this up?

I even like how it's butterflies instead of birds.
I don't like birds, they are really mean.
I sat and watched hummingbirds trying to take each other out in a way that modern warfare hasn't even caught up to yet.  Then they saw me watching them and launched a full on attack.
Yeah, I like butterflies better, even if they do taste things with their feet.
Could you imaging that?
Bleh, I think I would learn to fly.

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