Friday, January 20, 2012

But I don't even live in a cabin!!

If I did then I could truly claim "cabin fever"
I have been sitting here on my cushion being bored.
So I made some baby hats.
Then I got bored of that and then something odd happened.
It snowed!!!!
Yes, I live in the north but we really don't get snow in this area. 
My monkey-tail tree was NOT liking it.
The reason the whole sitting on my cushion thing started was this.
No, not the pale skin or chubby legs.  The knee, it really doesn't always look like that.
Christmas Eve I stepped out side and stepped on either a slug or decomposing leaf.
My body not know what to do and my feet not listening ended myself in some dysfunctional middle-aged cheerleader split.
I actually got up and was more concerned with the extreme pain of being bent like a wishbone. 
A week or so later things were different.  I got worse, until I finally went to the doctors.
I had tore the ligament in my knee and it was cushion sitting for a few months.

The crutches I had been using to pretend I was able to do stuff was left as mere cat pokers.
We were covered in a blanket of ice and snow. 
My living room had come to a halt.
I was now cushion to a fat cat! 
And then to top that off, the kitten decided to go into heat.
The one really good thing, was no school so I was not alone in my misery!
And they were a big help doing stuff for me, even when I was Miss Grumpy Pants.
Oh, and get this,....they were making a movie, here, in this little town.
They had try outs for extras and guess who got a part??

My son the zombie!!! 
Ok, he's not a zombie, he's infected.
The name of the movie is "The Inevitable" and he had a lot of fun chasing people around the streets of our little town.  I hope by some odd twist of fate it is huge.

So in my bored, caged up, and no where to go even if I could, mentality.
I started a project. 
I remembered I bought this awesome fabric at Ikea for under a dollar a yard.
Then on Pinterest I found this roll-up bed thingy made out of pillows.

I had some old pillows and took the cushion (that's just the word for the day) out and used it for padding.
Now all I have to do is sew it together.
Add some ribbons to one end, so it can be rolled up and tied when not in used 
Now to find someone to bring up my sewing machine and clean off the dining room table.
Hmmmmm who can I find.....hmmmm 
Hahahhaah poor baby girl has been my legs for the past few weeks.

On a random note, kinda, it ever really random when you're a female?
Have you ever seen the movie "The Red Balloon"? no?  well click here
When I was a child, they played it in our school and I have loved balloons ever since.
I really do think this short movie is what started America's love affair with everything balloon.
Well I found the movie again on Netflix and laughed and cried again as I did as a child.
Do we all not want a friend that is amazing and will stick with us and defend?
The fact that it's a big, round, red balloon should not change the closeness you feel.
Sigh, ok it should unless it's the balloon from this movie.

Looking closer at the movie, it really does represent a piece of my heart.  Even as a child.
So I am making a piece of art to represent the balloon and it's trials.
Unfinished  Taaaa-Daaaaa 
Don't laugh, it's not finished yet.

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  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your fall. I know I shouldn't laugh, but I can imagine the exact same thing happening to me :)

    Is there anything you can't do? you knit, you draw, you sew, you paint and decorate.

    I love that drawing. It looks like there is a profile of a face in the landscape, was that intentional? Or am I so ignorant of a true artist that I just insulted you? LOL