Monday, January 30, 2012

Tales of a couch potatoe

Well, I'm still holding this couch down.
My days have been filled with Pinterest and HGTV which has left me in a funk of feeling useless.
A family member suggested I use this time to sketch all the things I want to do.
I some how fear it will only cause me to spiral down of doing nothing but looking at things I can not do.
It's like telling a kid to write down everything they would like to do at Disneyland and watch shows of people having fun there and all the stuff that can be done and experienced.
Which would be great if Disneyland was promised at the end with an unlimited supply of cash.

That would be awesome too.....Disneyland with an unlimited supply of cash and special cut in front  of the line passes.  Maybe I can sketch that as well.

But that is not gonna happen here....
So this I did instead.

The cheap fabric I found at Ikea
Plus some old pillows I re-used for the stuffing.
Actually 5 of them.
They were kinda flat but didn't want to throw them away. 
Well I finally did it!!!
My sweet girl dragged up my sewing machine.
I would give you blow by blow instructions but then you would end up saying things you might not want to say.  And also ripping a bunch of seams. 
I even went back to Pinterest in hopes of finding instructions, but ended up on a catalog page.
So I will give you instructions on how it would of worked if I knew what I was doing.
Measure (I hate this part and stick with an eyeball looks good to me method)
Make sure you have enough fabric for 5 pillows.
I removed the fabric from the pillows and just used the stuffing.
Find some ribbon to use to tie it up when done and sew it into the seam.
I folded the fabric in half and sewed up both ends.
I even double stitched it so it would be strong.
Now put it right side out so you have  a giant fabric pouch with ribbons sticking out of one end.
Now the tricky part, sewing a straight line.
I folded the fabric and ironed a straight line to follow later.
If I was professional I would have handy gadgets to help and also measure so it would be equal parts.
Place pillow stuffing to one end and sew it in (horizontal line, leave the other open to be able to keep stuffing pillows)
Oh make sure the fabric is right side, as I did not and had to undo all of what I did.
Then just continue stuffing and sewing lines.
Once all pillows had been inserted this is your choice.
I chose easy and just sew up the whole thing by folding fabric and running a straight stitch up long ways.  It wasn't pretty but it is functional.

You could be fancy and put in velcro so pillows could be removed and bedroll washed.
I am into easy and functional, but if you aren't I really do applaude you and want to be your friend so I can learn how to be like that too. 
Then I rolled it up sleeping bag style and tied it off with ribbon. 
Did I tell you to make sure the ribbon is long enough and to fold in half and sew it in like a giant V.
Did I have to? 
I had delusions of using multi fabrics that all co-ordinated.
Then I realized I would nee skill for that.
That is why sketching would not help me.
I would sketch beyond my ability thus making me feel even more useless.

At least I got something finished Taaa-Daaaa!
Hopefully I will get the red balloon art finished soon.  Just need to find some young legs to do some stuff for me.


  1. Such a cute idea to have on hand for slumber parties and movie nights!

    1. thanks :) my daughter nabbed it for just such thing. She said it was really comfortable.