Friday, December 3, 2010

The Goose has been Stuffed

I am so excited, I finished my task yesterday.  I had this idea and posted it  The time came and they were ready and gone.  So I was able to get in there (with a close friend) and do it up.  At first it felt like I didn't have enough stuff.  But as it was finishing up, it felt warm and welcoming and celebrated without being over done.  They have little kids and I wanted them to enjoy it without worrying something would be destroyed.

Also, they had just found out they were hosting the family Christmas this year.  First time ever and it made the time chosen for decorating an even bigger blessing.

Yes, once again I forgot the before pics, dang my swiss cheese brain.  So you will have to picture in your mind, white walls, tan couches, mini-blinds and a tv.

This may not be an extreme holiday make-over because I don't have that kind of funds.
This is frugal 101 make over.
By the way forgive my bad typing I have burn blisters on my figer tips :( dang glue gun.

This a wreath I made for 3 dollars for the little girl.  First go to dollar store and purchase 2 feather boas and a wreath.  Use left over balls and ribbon.  Or what ever you have handy.
This is it hanging next to her bedroom door.  In order to transfer the color to everywhere we used some awesome Target $1 roll wrapping paper on the doors.

Using the dollar store hurricanes we dressed up the mantle.
The sticks were spray painted and while still wet threw some salt on them.  Gave it a frosty look and then stuff red pompoms in the branches.
Used a green table runner (dollar store) to tie in the colors.
Have ya noticed the dollar store theme yet?

This is my gingy boy cake stand.  With no cake, or cookies.  Total gift fail on that but I threw some pretty
fake berries and pinecones on it later.

Close-up and trying to be artist with my photography.

This is the curtain I made before going over there in.  It took maybe 20 mins.  The fabric was 2 bucks a yard and the snowflakes were, yep, you guess it dollar store.
Have I told you I hate sewing?
So using my iron and trusty fusing tape we made the curtains.
It will not handle tarzn swinging on it but I figure if someone is stupid enough to try to swing on a curtain they deserve to fall on their butt.

These are the kidlets without really showing them because I forgot to ask permission to post pics

This is the memory wreath with their hand prints

Dining area and one of the kids, shoot pretend she's not there.

This is the dot garland I made out of cardstock and ribbon.

So anyway that was what we did.  I also bought them a rug for jr to crawl on.
It really does feel different than when we first got there.  The warmth and welcome hugs you when you step in.  Yay for Christmas!!!
After me and my friend left we both looked at each other and said "we really need to go back and paint their house." 
So this could be......... continued?

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  1. Well done and inexpensively too! Love the bright red and green and it looks so good. Bless your creative Christmas decoratin' heart.