Saturday, December 18, 2010

Opening up a can of ........

I love, love reading so many blogs and am getting better at marking them and pointing others to their creative mastery.  I was inspired by this one blog and would post the actual craft she did but I can't find it now, (I said I was getting better, not got it down to perfection.).

So I opened a can of peas and instead of tossing them into the recycle bin I washed them. Just so I could do this

Yes, I painted it!  Amazing huh?
It was only the first step.  The next one is this.

Wrap beads around it.  I found this garland at the thrift store but you can find these kind of necklaces at the dollar store.  In bundles to boot.
So you wrap it around until there is no room.  Hot glue the beginning and end and random places.

Then you can slip in the green foam I got at the Dollar Tree ( 2 for $1)
Now it is ready for amazing flower decoration.

I made two :) and will be putting some fake flowers in.  I am looking for tacky to go with the rest of my theme.  Aunt Peaches did these coffee filter flowers that were amazing (am I saying amazing too much?)  They have absolutely no resemblance to coffee filters.

Why yes, that is another cake stand (idea stolen from because she is amazing too!)

One of my favorite friends (you know who you are) was talking about making one, but one for the whole year.  That could stay on her table all year round.  So since my hot glue burns had finally healed and I forgot how much they had hurt.  I decided I would make her one, with flowers and butterflies.

Why yes, I did burn myself again. It is blistering right now.

It is colorful and cheerful and she will love it!
The burns are worth it.  But sssshhhhhhh don't tell her she sometimes reads this blog.


  1. LOL, I like it! But I need to hook you up with that silicone adhesive so you can heal!

  2. yes, you do :) please save me from myself!!!
    I still have one more I want to do and am afraid. Not sure how to go about making things stay in there.....not that they will be alive or inanimate objects will take revenge on me. Although I do like to take precautions from such things. I want to put what's in my head in the glass bowl......ok now it's just getting weird, I'm gonna stop commenting now ;)