Tuesday, December 7, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Well it is, at my kitchen door.
My son brought up the boxes last night.  I think I'm probably behind everyone in bloggerland but I'm not a professional and you can try this at home.

I had my theme down, yes I like doing themes.  They make me smile and help me to make something look good instead of good enough.  I have been guilty of hurling the tinsel on the tree and calling it a good day.
So far I have done a "white as snow", "nutcracker", "peanuts", this year it is "retro tacky"
I am excited. 
So I whipped up this wreath with stuff lying around, cheap green garland, and a wood bead garland.  I then found these kitchen ornaments and went digging for my vintage cookie cutters and other stuff.

Next up, was more wooden bead garlands and an old sled I found discarded.
I've been meaning to paint it but the rust works.
I then butchered my holly tree and threw the branches in an Ikea trashcan.

This last piece is the perfect touch of tacky.
Found today in a thrift store for 1.97.
I love it!!!!

Someone really did put a lot of work and love into this.
It's been hand sewn, with felt, and gold ric-rac.
What else screams retro tacky?
I want to find ray guns, and sock monkeys in vibrant colors to put on my tree.
That is what is up next.
I wish I had all those odd ornaments from my childhood.  You know the ones, when you just wondered why? as you hung it on the tree.  This is the time to pull out all those misfit decorations, you don't need Rudolph showing the way, you know where they are.  I say celebrate the mooning Santa's!
Laughter is awesome.


  1. Bwahahahahaha, brilliant! This will turn out chic because it's so deliberate! And the sled? NEVER paint it, it's fantastic! Even the new background is terrific. I'd say you're going pro on a shoestring.

  2. whooo to the hooo for shoestrings!!!!
    Not sure if I'll achieve chic but I'm pretty sure it'll just be fun. Found something that made me dance around the house the other day will be sharing that in a day or so.
    Thanks Sunny :) <3