Monday, November 14, 2011

Are you reeling in the years,...throwing away the limes....dadada da dee

I can hear the song in my head but I think I might be wrong with the lyrics.  I do like it though.
Look at what I found at Goodwill for 30 something!!!!!!

Why are you giving me that look?  (Looks back and dawning awareness creeps onto face)
Oh, you think I'm gonna keep it that way?
Have you met me?
Yes, it goes well with my floor, because my floor is still 70's ugly.
I am soooo hoping that a big wad of cash would drop on my lap so I can redo my kitchen.
I will definitely blog when that happens.  It will be all in caps.

I did have hesitation when looking at this.  Can I pull this off?
Can I fit it in my van?
Why am I here and have I gone a little insane? 
Maybe, and I'm here because I woke up and tore apart my dinning room!  After the printing issue and realizing I only have a desk to hold my printers that don't work.  Turned into a frenzy of ridding myself of redundant things.  Like a desk only used to hold useless printers. Sorry, repeating myself, I tend to do that when I am amazed at my stupidity.

Ok on to more of this thing.
This is the top, which is a good thing cause if it was the bottom it would fall over. 
Another reason I decided on a hutch, is my kitchen is very small.  I only have one cabinet for my dishes and glasses and mugs.  Serving dishes and so on are downstairs in the laundry room.  Some I haven't been able to reach for years.  I thought I might like to use them. 
My husband was staring at it and asked "you are going to paint that, right?"
This is amazing, as he has overcome his fear of painting wood!  I'm so proud :)

So since I got rid of my desk I had to move the orange thingy I made.
I like it over here, and the penguin just seals the deal. 
So whatcha think?
Anyone got any suggestions?
I'm gonna paint the hutch white (can't believe I'm doing that, white is hard!)
I'm also going to paint my walls a grey blue.
It looks great in my head, I know once I do that I will hate my couch.  Sigh, where does it end?????

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  1. I think I used to have a china cabinet like that! I didn't have the foresight back then to do anything with it, and sold it twenty years ago before it had a chance to get any uglier. lol