Sunday, August 23, 2009

ideas for a baby shower

I am soooooo excited my niece is having her second baby and I get to throw the baby shower or rather the "baby blessing" as to not offend people stuck in tradition.
So to get back to my many ideas. I have recently stumbled upon an awesome find that was actually found a few years ago. I was going to sell them and I still may but they have definately inspired me for a theme. They are these 22 1950's glass baby bottles. That are perfectly intact. Even the nipples are in great condition. They would be great for the decorations or favors or prizes. Thinking about filling them with m & m's.
I'm going for a retro pink and blue shower. I am working on the invites right now, with a blk and wht vintage photo with a humoruous twist.
I will serve old school hor'devours like deviled eggs, wienie dogs, fondue, etc and mocktails. We will do blue drinks in martini glasses and pink in chanpagne flutes. I even found blue cherries for the blue drinks.
I'm thinking of doing a famous vintage mom guess as they come in and some door prizes. I have also come up with a hopefully simple homemade favor for everyone. Also some clothes line and oneis and socks to hang on them. Maybe a decorating station for making the onies personal. hmmmmm still many ideas that I need to whittle down. I'm not sure if I can wait until Januarary.


  1. I think a pesonalize-a-onsie station would be the best shower activity EVER!!! As people finish, they can hang it on the line...CUTE! (and...uh...iamsteelingyourbrilliantidea!)

  2. Did it for Julia's shower...I think it was a hit!! Thanks for the great idea!!

  3. oooh tell me more :D what embellishments did you use? Did you have a theme? Call me sometime.