Saturday, August 1, 2009

I am convinced this was going to be easier than it has been. But most of my blogging ideas were in my head and there they still are. I surf and am so amazed at the creativity of so many out there. I have still been crafting, drawing, decorating, and hope to do some sewing. I have not been taking photos, hence my lack of blogging. I am sorry for anyone who actually reads this. I am a novice and lack the wit it takes to be something other than what I am.

I have recently finished hand painting some cups and can't wait to see how they came out after the firing. I am in the middle of another cassette art (Billy Joel) but had to stop until we no longer need the fans on. You would be amazed at how fast cassette tape shifts in the wind.

I have also been helping my daughter design and come up with a skit for her (hopefully) soon to be budding clown business. We have a name, character, and costume design. Just have to pull out the sewing machine and she's been working on her accent.

I have also redone the guest room from funky teen to a welcome neutral with a little funk on the side. Got to make it interesting. :)

So got many irons in the fire and hope to come up with something by next week.

oh yeah another pic from the "Battle of the Bands" party


  1. I know!--You think, "hey, I do stuff--a few words and a pic can't take that much time"--but it does! AND--I don't do stuff everyday! I can't even meet my once a week goal. But, I like it, so I blog For me. (well, and my mom, and a few friends who've been supportive!)It's fun:)

  2. I know!! Then I have a great idea and go to take pics and batteries are dead and have now been devoured by the kids toys. Then when I finially get some batteries I forgot what I was going to say.