Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back to school Paris style

Well not really but I have finished my daughter's room in time for going back to school. She wanted a Paris style room. I started collecting things a couple of years ago so I could afford to do this. Decorating is expensive and I am all about making things affordable. I also love finding treasure along the way and coming up with ideas to reuse things. First off we found a porcelain french doll and she loved the red, white, and black theme. I also found some beautiful prints with a Paris theme at a thrift store for a couple of dollars. That just set the stage and from there we spent a year yard sale and thrift store hopping. We found a waterfall (when I say we I mean me and my daughter) vanity that was a little beat up but with a few coats of paint it brought a modern feel to the room. The chandelier was a dollar that I painted and rewired. That alone made it so much better but I had to add some bling. Christmas clearance was where I found the fake crystals and pearls. Then another clearance brought the silk shades. All together I think I spent under 20 dollars. I re purposed her bed and dresser with new knobs and comforter and fabric. The chair was thrown away but I reupholstered and added new legs. I also have a bookshelf in here but it is for use not really show. Her door was so abused I just covered it with a piece of fabric to add texture. If I had more money I would of done so much more as it is I spent under 200 for the whole room.

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