Friday, September 18, 2009

Before and After

I was reading a design blog called "Design Sponge" and I love love love her pics and the flow of her site. There is this one thing she does called before and after. People send in their before and after shot of what they created. It always amazes me how people create out of not much. So I had to try and I soooooo wanted to do something different, like paint it orange but could hear the voice of my husband. After much pondering I decided to do different but not totally out there. This is what I came up with. It was a free dresser that was dated but still in good shape. The colors in the room it was going in was pale blue with chocolate brown accents and a pop of orange to shake it up. I search for mod wallpaper to cover the drawers but was too pricey even for a small amount. So I used craft paper which totalled, maybe 1.50. After I had it on it still looked to quaint and not edgy enough. So I dugged out my paints and stain and had at it. Far away it looks stone like yet up close it's got a modern/contemporary feel to it. So recycled dresser, acrylic paint and stain and some craft paper = less than two dollar dresser made new.

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