Friday, June 12, 2009

Battle of the Bands theme B-day party

So tomorrow is the last big birthday party I am throwing my daughter. I have a bad habit of going overboard and lack the ability to go simple. I am working on it and hope to one day accomplish it. I usually start planning for the next party the day after the last one ended. It has been fun and coming up with different invitations was usually the brain scratcher. This year's party was an easy one. I used cd cases for the invite and made the inside look like a playlist. I also made a foam board guitar for a sign in board. I went through a guitar magazine and let my daughter pick which guitar she liked best. We settled on black and blue for the colors with accents of silver. I also scavenged day after Halloween wigs for the lip sync contest. I can't wait for the show. One of the best parts of this event is I was able to hire a high school garage band to play for a half hour. I am hoping to encourage them to sing happy birthday to her. It would be a great 12 year old memory. I am excited as well as exhausted. I do hope a good time will be had by all. This is the guitar made from foam board and some paint and a little Sharpie action. I hope to post more of the party later.

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