Saturday, October 3, 2009

Just to kick off October

I have finished Alice Cooper just in time for Halloween. Although I no longer celebrate Halloween, I know a lot of people do and am sooooooo hoping that someone will purchase him for their own. (sigh) I made him extra creepy with the odd choice of green and red paint that looks like blood. I think he looks pretty cool and at this rate if I make 9 of these I will do a large square of them on a wall. I am trying to do ones I know are easily recongnized and yet are not all in the same genre. If anyone has any suggestions for what or who to do next I'm all ears.

I am at this time working on my daughter's clown identity and props. It's fun and a little exciting to come up with visual puns. You know holey mackrel, holey cow, and things like that.

Her character's name is Sunny Sue and her first gig is next week. I hope she does so well she will continue on to the hospitals and others to bring giggles to many.

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