Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Emo tree in my guestroom

This is the "emo tree" as my kids have named it, in the guestroom. It is the smallest room in the house with one window. In my desire to have it more welcoming and delusions of making it seem better. I painted a monochromatic bare tree. In hindsight, I still love the tree, but it does feel dark and moody. Maybe the color choice is too cold. It was fun and I had other whimsical things in the room that balance the dark out. I am posting this because it is fixing to be covered with a Floridian landscape. My mom is going to be moving in with us and I want her to feel welcome and with a touch of her old home. I know it's a hard transfer from Florida to Washington so I'm hoping to bring the sun into her room. I will post pics after the transformation.


  1. It totally needs a crow!! Or a row of mushrooms under. I like your emo tree :)

  2. I have this pink ceramic bird from the 40's I was going to hang on the tree. It looks like it came straight from Snow White. It has yet to help me with my house work though.