Friday, June 18, 2010

Party for teen son

Planning a party for my son, he's going to be 18. So what do you do to get a teen excited about it? My answer is "Retro Zombie Party" not extremely creepy, a little campy, and a whole lot of fun.
First prop I came up with are the dip heads. Based on the zombie desire to feast on brains. I searched for a way to have heads as my pedestals. Luckily I found these cheap foam heads online.  But you can also find them in any beauty supply for a pretty affordable price.

So we scooped them out to fit some bowls (we as me and my son) we got from WalMart four for a dollar.  We stuck with red and black for the colors.

Did a base coat and began to encourage the faces to appear. In different stages of decay.

I also picked up some dollar store platters and they fit perfectly. I think I will hot glue them to the platters.

I still have one more to finish, but was really excited how they came out. Actually one of them creeped me out. hahahah but my son loves them as well as his friends. I will be working on the props for the next few months. I have 6 more ideas to go, maybe more.

The party went well and with the added food it just was awesome.
 Gluing on the added accessories brought in the 3-D effect.

After the party I just popped out the bowls and popped off the trays and put them away for storage.

I think the salsa and guacamole were the favs but aside from brain munching the veggies were munched as well.


  1. I love them!!
    Zombies don't eat brains!...too hard to bite through your skull :)

  2. That's why I'm putting salsa and guacomole in them. :) hahhahaah

  3. So great!!! Love it.... this would be perfect for Halloween too.

    THanks for linking up with What are little boys made of?

  4. That's incredible! My son's turning 18 soon, too. I bet he would love that idea - you're clearly an experienced mom. Well done.

  5. Thank you :) I still have a cemetary bench to make and some other props. I can't wait til it's here to post the whole idea. Crafting for a teen boy is not easy, but I have made a few things. Once again thank you for the comments.