Friday, September 17, 2010

Have I every told you about Kiki?

He's one of our cats and has issues.  We got him from the shelter and when we brought him home we didn't see him for weeks.  He had been abused and it showed, he so wanted to be petted but was afraid to let it happen.  We would stretch our hands out to him and he would slowly inch closer only to stop ,just before reaching his hearts desire, and pat himself by rubbing his head on the floor.  Months went by and he finally allowed us to lightly pat him and he would lean into it with a big ole cat smile.  When realizing we had tricked him into enjoying this kind of attention he would precede to punch us and run away.  Well, the years have gone by and now you can't get him off your lap. 
 He has inspired many stories and drawings for me as well as songs I have burst into for no apparent reason.  This is Kiki.   Now I write all of that so I can show you this.  I wrote a kids book about him but it's for pre-K kids.  It's a wordless book so they can read the story.  There is only one sentence in the beginning and one in the end so adults can participate.  I keep hoping it will become published buuuuuut I'll just leave that in God's hands.  So here are a few pages just to share :). 
How could you not find a story in these pics?  I used different mediums to give them different texture.  I have made 2 books so far and another still in my head.  This is the case for Kiki and his adventures as told to me by my husband.   I've also done paintings with him and his friends in a jazz band but I'll show that another day.

PS if you read this please comment so I know someone was here.  Sometimes all I hear are crickets.....


  1. Hey bambi! I love the drawings! You should talk to my friend, Wendy Lund. She just had a children's book published and is working on her second. Maybe she can help you make some connections and contacts! Facebook me if you want to chat with her. :)

  2. I love the Kiki books :)

  3. I love that you rescued Kiki, and kept him even with his issues! I think the book looks great! Beautiful pictures! I would totally buy it for my punks! Hope you get published!

  4. thank you all :) And if I do get published I will let you know :)
    I will have to sing "Kiki got some fleas" for you some time, it's a sing-a-long

  5. Nice illustrations Bambi. It could be a fun story and you have the talent to do the illustrations as well. We should talk sometime.

  6. Bambi, Nice illustrations. You do great sketch work. The story line could be alot of fun, especially with your illustratation talents. We should talk sometime.


  7. I love your ability to tell a big story in a small illustration. Would you consider linking this up to my next Sunday Art Therapy link party? I also have a Flickr group that is always open. BTW, I'm a closet party planner, too. Maybe we could start that business together :)

  8. Kiki looks so adorable! I just love the little quirks that rescues have. And he obviously knows he's in a good place now.

  9. Thank you all so much :)
    Kiki is well loved, to the point of being spoiled sometimes.
    Jenn if I ever get this party planning thing off the ground I will let you know