Thursday, September 9, 2010

Soooo couldn't resist!!

I was wondering around Walmart looking for last minute items for school.  I stumbled upon this.  I love the color and the price tag said 3 dollars, it was in my arms before my brain could protest with "do you really need it?".  Even my son said "Why?" and I said because it's 3 dollars.

 So I like the color but it's kinda boring and not girly enough.  So I found an Ikea lampshade at the ReStore for FREE and crocheted around it with bright pink and white (? hairy, fuzzy?) yarn.  Put it together and what do you got?

It cast such a nice glow :)

Alas my daughter is older and no longer in the pink stage but I do have great nieces who love pink :)

So for 3 dollars I have a very fun and fuzzy pinkalicious lamp.  Soon to be someone else's pinkalicious lamp.


  1. I'm here from Tatertots and Jello. I can relate to the "gotta have it now and figure out what to do with it later" process. It's certainly going to be unique in some little girl's room!

  2. Thanks Sara and I have already found a girl who loved it and quickly took it home to put in her room. :) I'm glad it's being loved instead of sitting here gathering dust.

  3. LOVE THIS! How cool. Wish I had the patience to crochet something like that. Well done :)

  4. Thanks Peaches for all the comments, you rock :)_