Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zombie Cupcake Stand for under $5

So the zombie party is lurching forward and we have accomplished another cheap crafty item.  We needed a cupcake stand for 100 cupcakes.  Have you ever seen how much they are?!  So I knew I would be making one but the ones we saw were soooooo  BORING.  They may work great for the cultured, refined and proper parties but we are talking teen zombie here.  So it's gotta be big and over the top and most of all CHEAP!

I came across these items in my garage.  They are the end rolls from the local newspaper.  They love to give these things away and they are so solid and sturdy, I have many ideas on how to use them.  So I found one I already strip the paper off and then using my miter saw I cut slits half way through.  I then painted it black and pillaged my supply of cardboard.  You know the cardboard that comes from the packaging.  I had quite the few all the same size and strong enough to support weight.  I then thought how can I re-enforce these to make sure they don't fold over from the weight.  So I looked to my chopsticks and duct tape.  I covered the top with scrapbook paper and the bottom with chopsticks and duct tape.  I then covered the scrapbook paper with packing tape to be able to wipe it clean when necessary.
Then we headed to the Dollar Store to find embellishments.  The glitter skull, mini skulls and beware tape for a total of 3 dollars plus tax
This is it completed, think I might add glow sticks around the column for the party.  It's almost 3 feet high


  1. Love this! You are soo creative! I hope it holds up for the party!

  2. I put a couple of glue bottles on them and they held up pretty well. I'm looking at maybe 10 cupcakes per tier so I'm really hoping it'll be fine.

  3. Sweet!! It's gonna look even awsomer full of cupcakes!

  4. I'm am envisioning it and it looks awesome, hopefully reality will agree with me.
    I also found some eyeball lollipops to put on the cupcakes.
    I can't wait!!!