Thursday, June 7, 2012

Don't throw ideas from glass heads

Back in my teenage years I first saw a glass head.
I loved it and really wanted one buuuuuut it just never happened.
Thanks to wandering around a discount store I finally scored one for about 7 dollars!!
Isn't it terrific?!?!!
I am so excited about all the possibilities it could hold.
Flowers for spring, a hovering light bulb, Christmas lights, the ideas just flood.

The only dilemma is how to keep it in there?
So I found a candle and the top cover thingy fit pretty good. 
I then added a little duck tape to thicken it up a little and then wrapped rubber bands around that for a good seal. 
So can you guess what I stuffed it with? 
Ok I'll get closer 
Figured it out yet? 
yeah, old school media aka cassette tapes. 
I also threw some silver glitter in there and a couple of guitar picks.
I love it :) I even found a pair of really old school (70's) head phones to put over her glass ears.
It's just plain fun.

Oh and to answer any questions about the Kiki Throne he has not slept in it.  He has slept next to it a few times.  Rooo  being who she has decided it was worthy of her nap time and has now claimed the throned. 
The king has lost his throne, truly.

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