Monday, June 18, 2012

I've been working in a coal mine...going down down

This is my niece and her husband.
Aren't they cute?
They have recently found a house to rent with a catch.
The deposit is to be worked out with making the place look good.
They called me to ask for my help with paint colors and design and the use of my unlimited supply of teenagers willing to work cheap.

So I've been working, feels like a coalmine, kinda dark and dreary.
A little creepy and a whole lot of "what were they thinking??!?!!?"

This is the master bedroom, painted a fleshy peachy silly putty color with a crap brown color on the ceiling.  The ceiling was the only place that did not have fist holes or holes the size of someones head in it. 

Next up is the living room, it's a good size and the color wasn't as grotesque but the whole place is done in paneling and it wasn't painted well so there was pealing.
It really enhanced the missing trim. 

Then there is the dining and kitchen.
It was a pretty blue but not for a wall.
Too bright and pastel and looking hideous with the yellowish white trim and counter tops.
So wish these pictures looked true to form but it was kinda dark in there. 

One of the bedrooms was paint light pink with green closet and spattering of orange in random places. 
Yeah, so needless to say it needs some work and definitely design.
I was up to the task.
It will not be perfect and magazine cover worthy but it will be better and functional and reflect who they are and also and most will feel welcoming.

So after hours of research and finding out what they wanted.  We went with a navy blue for the bedroom. 
I took this just to scare ya.  Did it work?
Paneling is time consuming in painting.  Having to paint every crevice before you can use the roller is not fun.

But after the first coat I started to see it. 
I painted the ceiling grey.  So much better than crap brown.
The blue looks a lot brighter than it is, it's hard to get a good photo when the only light I have is streaming through the windows unfiltered. 

This is my inspiration room
I'm hoping I can pull it off.

The kitchen was toned down with a vintage soothing green.
So much better than the bright blue. 
It even makes the counters and cabinet doors look nice.
Which is no small feat.

The living room got a coat of a laid back buckskin beige.
The painting is done and they are moving in this week.
Then hopefully in the next few weeks we will transform this to my vision.
My vision is titled "comtemporary rustic with a vintage rockabilly flare"

I am kinda excited and am hoping they will follow this to completion.

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  1. You are the best aunt EVER!!!

    The house has great potential, doesn't it. The floors are nice, there is lots of light and space. You have already made it a billion times better.

    That's a big, big job, but it's going to be such an accomplishment to see it go from blech to wow!

    Keep us posted on the progress.