Monday, June 25, 2012

A Day in the life of.....

Ok, actually it was a few days, but they blend together with the same thought.
My daughter is in Canada at camp, and my son has been working so I have a lot of time on my hands.
When I get bored, I start gluing things together.
The project below is what came out.
I had read on Pinterest that you can make large images for cheap, if you order engineering prints at Staples.  They only come in black in white and they are not picture sharp.
I thought I'd give it a try and ordered this picture on line and another one, you'll see at the end of this post.
For two 18x24 images was under five dollars.
So I glued the paper on a piece of foam core I had left over from a Dollartree excursion.
I used spray glue on the foam core and then smoothed the picture on top.
I had room left over so I started gluing on my husbands old (as in thrown away) drumsticks.
Then I threw in some coffee beans for flavor HA! get it?  flavor :D 
How more Seattle can you get?
It still didn't work on the wall.
So I put it on another wall. 
I kinda liked it but, I like my orange frame better.

Oops sorry random picture.  It's a "vanilla bean cheesecake with chocolate crust and salted carmel topping.  Insert drool here. 
Dang, another random picture, but I did finally capture Kiki in his bed. 
Ok back to the picture without a wall.

I found a frame that was on my mantle....empty....just kinda sitting there staring at me and my dillema.

I got re-inspired and added a little typography on thar 
The frame was happy to oblige me and made my free art complete.
I think NOW it is working.  Maybe....
I will post another picture when that side of the room is complete.

And of course the final picture. 
Yes, I have not painted my mantle yet.
I am bogged down by the little things I have to do before I can actually do that.
I wish I had a intern to do all the lacky stuff so I can finish up these projects.
But on the great note, my knee is finally healed and I am able to do stuff.
Whoooo hoooo.

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