Sunday, July 1, 2012

they say it's summer

Everyone in the red zone and even orange, I am truly sorry for this post.
The ones in pink zone I'm just sorry you are living in an oven.
My heart goes out to you, I use to live in one of those deep red zones.
But I moved, about 14 years ago and now my summers are no longer on fire.
Trust me I am NOT complaining. 
I have grown to love the rain and grey days.
Mostly when I remember what it's like living in an oven.
I do miss swimming though and bright colors and just the feel of summery things.

Soooo it was off to the Dollartree and tada summer on my door. 
That is about all the summer I need right thar!

You know what is another colorful and amazing thing up here?
Here's a quick shot of some of his work and new museum.

Yessss, I did not go in but shot through the fence.  Next time I have some fundage I will do better pictures, if they let me.

What does color and rain have in common?
This chair! 
For free..... left in the rain...... with bright blue color.
Ok, it didn't really go but I had to slip it in there as a before and hopefully a cliff hanger.
Will I complete it?  Will it be colorful?  Will it be tacky?
See, got you on your seat now :D  lol

1 comment:

  1. I love that you brought the sunshine to your front door. I love the rain but I don't know if I could deal with it all the time.

    Free! It's a great shape. You will do something frugally fantastic, as you always do.