Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Cheap Tray-fabulous!!

On the way to Seattle the other day we stopped off at Ikea, because well it's Ikea and if  you are nearby it is mandatory you stop in.  Period, check the rule book.
It was a quick trip and I did skip all of the fun mini rooms and went straight for the kill.
But not before I checked out the kitchen stuff.
I stumbled upon this 1.99 tray called Smula, not sure what smula mean but it was singing my song.
If you want one for yourself click HERE
It is a simple good sized tray.
Just a little too plain for my liking.
Easy fix, since you can see through it.
Dig out a fun design, I used a piece of scrap fabric that I looo-uve 
Flip the tray over so you are painting on the bottom side and start outlining or coloring.
Use any color you like, it's yours after all. 
I chose yellow to go with my outdoor stuff.
After I had gone over the design in the colors I wanted, I sprayed over all of that pretty stuff with a grey primer and then sealed it up with silver. 
Ikea Hack taaa-daaaa!
Now it is ready to use :)


  1. I Love it!! So beautiful!

    Love, Heidi :)

  2. That turned out so pretty! That's a great technique, I'll have to keep it in mind.