Saturday, July 14, 2012

Got a pair?

Of jeans that is!! hahahahaha
My husband ripped his the other day and they were not repairable.  I have been saving the family's jeans for a while, in delusions of one day weaving a rug out of them.
But not this pair!!!
So I was on Pinterest (funny how a lot of post are starting this way) and someone made an apron out of said throw away jeans.  I clicked on the link and it was an etsy store (insert sad face) and it was sold out.  I scoured the Internet looking for the same apron but no luck, just a bunch of aprons that look like your pants are on backwards.   Criss Cross I am not.  (google it)

So this only means I have to figure it out for myself (now add the face of determination) 
So I cut the pant leg in half with the side seam in the middle.

I then held it up and realized it was tooo wide on top and had to narrow it. 
I used the cut out seam as my neck thingie.
I folded and cut the top part and hand stitched on a back pocket.

Now the one on pinterest had this adorable fabric which they lovingly sewed on but, I do not love to sew so I decided to do what I do.  Fake it!
Found some ribbon at Walmart for a dollar!! 
Now just to add a little witch stitch magic and BAM!!

 It's beginning to shape up.
I also hand stitched a little ruffle on the bottom, that I found in my stash.

After much pleading and begging my daughter finally model it for me.
I made it for me so you can not see the side ribbon on her, thus the multi shots.
music please 

So there ya go, another pinterest pin accomplished!!!


  1. That is sweet! Sadly, I understood the Criss Cross reference Ha ha.

  2. Most excellent recycling! I think I may have to dig through the stash...