Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sitting here with a sharpie

So I didn't make it to the pumpkin patch, I was sick.  I've been wanting to go but my kids are teenagers and the thought of their mom running around the pumpkin patch calling out for the great pumpkin makes them cringe.  Muaaahahhaahhahaah I am the true horror!   I have often danced in public to much horror of my son.  I am of the mind "learn to not care what people think, it'll make life easier".  He sadly is not.  Although my daughter has skipped through produce with me  a few times.  Or just singing veggie tales theme song.  Although not as much as when she was 4.
I say dare to be silly!
Needless to say I do not have a pumpkin.  yes feel bad for me, it's ok I won't tell anyone.

I did find this awesomely huge plastic barrel (yes, barrel) of cheese puffs.  The first I even ever heard of them was watching Chuck last year.    This is chuck, if you get the chance it is awesome.

So anyway when you put two and two together you get this
This is my Puffolantern. I betcha anyone can do this.  Probably could do it better.


  1. Fun! Cute!I am tottaly adding the giant barrel of cheese puffs to my grocery list. Right now!!

  2. If you make it a puffolantern I wanna see the pics :) Thank you for your kind words. <3